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  Boynton Beach Dive Sites.

Boynton Inlet connects the Atlantic Ocean with the bottom of Lake Worth lagoon 15 miles south of Lake Worth Inlet. It was cut through the barrier island over 50 years ago to provide tidal drainage for the lower end of the lagoon, and it certainly does that. Currents through the inlet can exceed 5 knots on a strong ebb tide. The inlet is east of Boynton Beach, Florida, the home port of the 5 commercial dive boats that run regular service out of the inlet. The marina there is also the location of the Two Georges Resturant, an excellent apres diving eatery.

Boynton Sites Boynton Sites

While not as close to the gulfstream as Lake Worth inlet, it's close enough for the current to make for drift diving, and the warm currents make for the same world class diving all year round here also. It is basically the same reef system as up north, and with the 60' reefs being highly developed ledges, and similiarly colorful coral and sponges and profuse sea life. Below is a listing of some of those sites, from my and my friends' logbooks. This page is organized north to south. Earlier listed sites are north of the latter listings.

The boats at Boynton Beach do not put the DM in the water, but let each group carry it's own flag and proceed at their own pace. Groups as small as 2 are done, with 3-4 being typical. The advantage of this method is people with similiar interests or pace can head in different directions after the jump.
Follow the menu to the right for the boat recommendations for Boynton.

Reefs South of the Inlet.

Briney Breezes

Latitude:     26 30.60' N
Longitude: 080 02.06' W

Low profile with many crevices, frequent morays and nurse sharks. Loaded with critters of all sorts. Good lobster. Depth is 65 feet to the sand on west side rising up to 45 feet on top of the reef.

Briney Breezes Gwen chases lobster.

Boynton Ledges

Latitude:     26 48.97' N
Longitude: 080 00.21' W

Dramatic edges drop from 51' on top to 67' in the sand.
Runs north/wouth with many deep undercuts, and plentiful marine life. Morays, and big schools of grunts and snapper. Always a favorite of mine because I'm a fan of the high relief "cliffs" on some of the dives in this area.

Boynton Ledges Boynton Ledges

Brown House

Latitude:     26 29.54' N
Longitude: 080 02.29' W

Sharp north/south running edge from 50' to 63'. Barrel sponges galore. Gorgonians on top, lobsters in cracks and under ledges. Turtles year round, and big schools of tropicals. Many rays can be seen in the sand to the west of the reef.

Brown House Gwen and Terence measure lobster
on Brown House Reef

Gulfstream Ledge

Latitude:      26 29.42' N
Longitude:  080 020.48' W

Island shaped reef, around 600 feet long about 250 feet wide. Steep 15 foot ledge on west side, top is 60 feet, then fingers run eastward to 100 foot depths. Undercut on N side, with prolific sea life everywhere. A beautiful dive.

Gulfstream Ledge Gulfstream Ledge

Bud Bar Wreck

Latitude:     26 28.70' N
Longitude: 080 02.31' W

187 coastal freighter sits upright in 94 feet. Structure begins at 70 feet, with decks removed for easy diver acccess and hull penetration. Under the stern, the propeller is still intact. Lots of snapper, barracuda, and angelfish adorn the wreck.

Bud Bar Wreck Irena on the Bud Bar Wreck


Latitude:     26 27.23' N
Longitude: 080 02.78' W

A circular hole on the inside edge of the third reef with a rock ledge across part of the opening, with rock and rubble in the hole. Depth is 60 feet to sand and 50' to the deck. A wide variety of reef tropicals, and great schools of grunts. Lots of sponges and soft corals. A ton of lobsters the last time I was there.

Seagate Seagate