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Team Meeting Minutes

by Gail Tomei

New Officers Elected

At the December meeting, the general election proceeded the Holiday Party.

Officers for 2002 are:

Team Coordinator, Ben Harkanson; Assistant Coordinator, Cassandra Weith; Secretary, Cheri Craft; Dive Coordinator, Ed Weith; Treasurer, Shane Atkins; Science Coordinator, Lin Creel; Training Coordinator, Matthew Hoelscher.

Holiday Party

Approximately 40 people participated in the Yankee swap gift exchange. Among the hot items were the set of filet knives, dry bag, dry box, and a dive sausage. The team thanks everyone such a great event!

Fish Identification Test

Fish ID Test - There will be a fish identification test on January 8th at 6:15PM, in Bldg. 509 .

Term Limits

The proposal to increase the terms for officers from the two-year limit to a five-year limit was passed at the November meeting. Elections for all our positions are to be held prior to the Holiday Party at the December meeting.

Photography Lessons Part Deux.

Lin Creel has scheduled an in-the-water photo session under the Blue Heron Bridge for Saturday, December 8 at 1:15PM. This is the second session, for those who took the pool session in November. Learn to take data slides! For additional information, contact Lin.

Report Writer Needed

The team is still in search of a candidate to assist with report writing. It is a wonderful opportunity to understand the team mission and make a much needed contribution!

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Planning Meeting Minutes

by Lin Creel


Several members are still having problems receiving the newsletter electronically, more than likely because of its large file size, incorrect email addresses, or because members are not on the current email address list. In the near future, Ben will compare the FOS to the PBCRRT roster. If you are currently not receiving the electronic version of the newsletter, please email dalthoff@co.palm-beach.fl.us If you prefer to receive the newsletter in the mail, please give Ben your address.

Newsletter in Color?

Dawn has done a wonderful job on the newsletter creating a colorful and attractive publication that could be distributed to local dive shops. However, the team cannot afford to print the newsletter in color. Biv Watson has volunteerd to contact local businesses such as Office Depot, Kinkos, and other graphic design businesses who may be able to donate the cost of copying the newsletter in color.

Fundraisers Needed

The team is always in search of divers interested in fundraising activities. The current ‘grants coordinator’ position, may be more appropriately titled ‘fundraising coordinator’ in the near future. The team is searching for an individual willing to participate in local fundraising efforts in the community. Cassandra Weith recently initiated the effort, but a member willing to commit time on a regular basis is needed.

O2 Training

Bob Johnson from the Rampage may be willing to provide O2 training after January 2002, details available shortly.

Royal Park Bridge

The team has not currently established official fish stations on the Royal Park Bridge. Pug is currently working on a skeletal map of the site, which will provide information to determine appropriate fish identification stations. There were several suggestions on how to establish the stations including: 1) a sweep of the site by the fish identification specialists 2) study the variation of fish assemblages in different areas of the site.