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     Isla Sante Fe Day Tour
          by Sabina Estupinan
      Nature Walk

Blue footed booby.

Sea lions resting. Galapagos land iguana.

Conolophus subcristatus.
Esmeraldas III yatch.

Au! what are you doing to me?.

      Snorkel with sea lions

What that? This is a blue body snorkelfish.
What are this guys doing into my ocean?.

Walter underwater.
I am very happy with this people here.

Come on Sabi why don't you play with us?.

Esmeraldas III. Captain and his little boy.

This is our beach. Marci smiling.

Lonesome Jorge. The panga crewman.

Credits:  Video stills by Wade G. Pemberton using TRV900 and L&M Stingray housing.
Page editing and captions by Sabina Estupinan, Red Mangrove Inn, Puerto Ayora, Galapagos.