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Wade's Underwater Photo Galleries
Arrow Crab in Tube Sponge
Bali/Komodo 2007
Arrow Crab in Tube Sponge
Belize 1998
Southern Stingray
Bimini 1998
Banded Coral Shrimp
Blue Heron Bridge
Pam and the Shark
Cay Lobos 2004
Hawksbill Turtle
Cay Sal 2000
Saddleback Butterflyfish
Fiji 2006
Steamer Hogfish
Galapagos 2002
Coral Garden
Grand Turk 1999
Hawaii 2003
Hurricane 2004 - Riverwalk
Zion Train Bow
Hurricane 2004 - Zion Train
Eagle Rays
Palau 2000
Palau 2001
Papua New Guinea 2004
Tube Sponges
Sint Maarten & Saba 2006
Spanish Wrecks
Spanish Wrecks 2001
Reef Sharks
Walker's Cay 2001
Truk Lagoon 2003

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