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Blue Heron Bridge Diving
Day in and day out, the Blue Heron Bridge location may well be the best shore dive in Florida. It has two distinct sites, tons of small critters for the macro person, enough big fish to keep you looking around, and best of all, it's free, day or night. Situated just north of West Palm Beach, Florida, (exit 75 of I-95) it is convenient to all the SE Florida divers and offers a weekend option to offshore when the winds are rough, or a terrific night dive aFfter hard workday. It is so good that I made a whole webpage dedicated to it here, explaining how to dive it. If you are near West Palm Beach, you should have done it many times already.

This is a perfect camera test site, since it is shallow and has lots of subject matter. I regularly take cameras there and just lay in the sand to do tests.
I never fail to find something new while I am at it. I have used everything I own camera wise, and several borrowed rigs, so just let the camera data that comes with each photo tell the story.
Photo 1: A video still of a pair of angelfish in the upper water near a piling on the old bridge. An overcast day added the ethereal sense to the photo.
Photo 2: A strobe misfire produced this modeling light only photo of a starfish and a fire worm. I thought of the title "Under the Lamppost" when I saw it.
Photo 3: Video of one of several batfish that can be found in the sandy open areas between the pilings of any of the three bridges.
Photo 4: Balloonfish of various sizes are under the bridges. This from a night dive where they are less inclined to turn tail.
Photo 5: A large hermit crab peers out from its shell.
Photo 6: From a video of three flying gunards. Taken in the basin just south of the east site bridge.
Photo 7: Video of the curious angelfish at the rubble field near north column 6 of the fishing pier. They see their reflection in the lens and bump the camera to run it off.
Photo 8: Octopus are common at night. This hunting octopus was unfazed by 20 shots from the strobe over 3 or 4 minutes. It just went about it's business.
Photo 9: Tough lighting on this hermit. The highly reflective shell blooms before the hermit shows up in the shade. There are lots of photo challenges under the bridge.
Photo 10: A closer view of the same hermit.
Photo 11: A lizardfish buries in the sand and waits for prey.
Photo 12: The ubiquitous banded coral shrimp, my favorite practice photo model. They are colorful, live in tough to shoot locations, and test resolution, focus, and depth of field.
Photo 13: Tiny juvenile spotted drum, with their constant motion, needs lots of patience. Getting simultaneous profiles of these two took as much luck as skill.
Photo 14: Cardinalfish are rarely out in the open enough to get good lighting on them. Practice shooting into holes and under ledges to get this fish.
Photo 15: I've only seen one of these tube anenomes in all my dives under the bridge, but here it is.
Photo 16: There are plenty of these bandtail puffers.
Photo 17: These varigated urchins are usually decorated with shells and leaves for cameoflague. This one undressed for its photo, then got dressed again.
Photo 18: This octopus, about 2" in body size, stares out from its home in a discarded engine manifold.
Photo 19: A small planehead filefish, taken at Snug Haven dock, just north of the east bridge. The Running Free used it as home dock before moving to Riviera Beach Marina.
Photo 20: Closeup of another spotted drum.
Photo 21: An arrow crab, the other favored photo model under the bridge. There are 7" ones and 1/2" ones, common everywhere. Pick your favorite, and photo away.
Photo 22: This big balloonfish wanders around the area. It's easier to find at night.
Photo 23: Cushion starfish abound in every color, and are particularly plentiful in the basin south of the east bridge.
Photo 24: A night shot of a polka-dot batfish.
Photo 25: Note the 3 sets of claws in this closeup of the banded coral shrimp. Taken in the film days, the resolution of the venerable Nikonos RS is still hard to beat.
Photo 26: Another arrow crab with its purple claws.
Photo 27: And another banded coral shrimp.
Photo 28: This honeycombed cowfish will turn tail in the daytime, so is easier to capture at night.
Blue Heron Bridge Underwater Photos and Video

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